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We partner with our clients to uncover their unique history, what makes their brand special and why an audience should care. We transform these ideas into words, developing a clear voice and a definitive point of view along the way, which results in a distinctive story. It’s the story that informs and unifies everything else we do – from logo, collateral and website design to marketing, advertising and social media campaigns.

We like to compare our Creative Brief to a movie screenplay. Once we’ve come up with the plot that tells the brand story, we are able to bring the brand to life through design, illustration and photography. The story helps to guide future decisions that brand managers need: giving them a clear line of action to follow, helping to ensure that their brand stays on course, and growing and changing in ways that continually strengthen it and allow it to remain true to its core.


Image editing encompasses the processes of altering images, whether they are digital photographs, traditional photo-chemical photographs, or illustrations. Traditional analog image editing is known as photo retouching, using tools such as an airbrush to modify photographs, or editing illustrations with any traditional art medium. Graphic software programs, which can be broadly grouped into vector graphics editors, raster graphics editors, and 3D modelers, are the primary tools with which a user may manipulate, enhance, and transform images. Many image editing programs are also used to render or create computer art from scratch.

$ 45/Hr.


Brand Yu Design provides state of the art creativity in flyers and poster design services that envisions your brand statement in a distinct manner. We apply our innovation and creativity to provide you excellent value proposition in your posters and flyers for generating the right marketing appeal. The use of these items is very vital to making am impression on the minds of the target customers. They need to be prepared in the most professional matter to get the desired business results.

$ 45/Hr.


Choose from premium paper stocks, shapes and sizes. Custom cards, made your way. Cards for all industries. Absolutely guaranteed. Multiple shapes and sizes. Get real time design help. Add a specialty finish. Types: Standard, Signature, Ultra Thick, Metallic, Folded, Rounded, Spot Gloss.


FROM $45

What's included?
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction
What's included?
  • Texts writing
  • Domain and hosting
  • Meetings
  • Extra services


In corporate design brochures and booklets are a standard tool for promotion and advertising. They are little books or magazines which lay around in conference halls, offices and waiting rooms. Sometimes they contain an annual report of the company or showcase the portfolio of an artist. Brochures can also be included in CDs and DVDs; however, usually they are given away as freebies (e.g. they may contain a calendar or some poster inside).

In either case, booklets serve advertising purposes and since they are usually short (max. 25-30 pages) they need to look good and be informative to focus users’ attention and effectively convey the message. Unfortunately, only a few brochures are indeed designed with close attention to details. However, there are some options for creative and appealing booklet and brochure design.


FROM $35 Per Page


FROM $55 Per Page

What's included?
  • Custom Creation
  • Content Insertion
  • Layout and Design
  • Printing
What's included?
  • Copywriting
  • Design and Layout
  • Printing
  • Shipping


Sometimes too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing. This can happen in a lot of places, but we’re particularly sensitive to it when it comes to graphic design. At one point everyone held a crayon in their hand and realized that they could color and draw. It was exciting, rewarding and you needed more. Eventually, you packed as many crayons as you could into your pudgy little hand and tried coloring with all of them at once, with varying degrees of success. This is basically what happens when some people discover graphic design, and we’re all for it. We want people to experiment and learn how to use the tools of our trade; we just don’t want professional websites to fall victim to a crayon novice.

$50 / HOUR


A brand identity is more than a logo. It’s more than a brand style guide. It’s an essential way to differentiate yourself from your competition. A brand identity influences your customers’ experience at every touchpoint. It subconsciously affects how they view everything from your industry, to your relevance, to your trustworthiness.

It is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to them—the elements that help them decide if they want to engage with you.


FROM $850

What's included?
  • Complete Design & Layout
  • Stationery & Business Cards
  • Promotional Items
  • Shipping
What's included?
  • Social Media Setup
  • Domain Hosting
  • Email Setup
  • Extra services


More power for your brand


From $75

Durable, fade-resistant vinyl. Display with metal grommets, stands or adhesives. Indoors or outdoors. Get real time design help. Absolutely guaranteed. Durable, waterproof vinyl. Vertical or horizontal.


From $245

Food photography is a still life photography genre used to create attractive still life photographs of food. The products of which are used in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks.


From $95

If you've seen "Lord of the Rings," you'll probably recall the spectacular scene where the mountaintop beacons of Gondor are lit. This video from a drone flying up a mountain ridge is kind of like that.


FROM $1,299

A professionally designed magazine will help tell a compelling story, engage readers, and positively influence consumer behavior -- everything you need to grow your publishing business.


From $350

Brand Yu studies the visual and verbal psychology behind why people order certain items — and use that valuable information to design menus in a way that maximizes restaurant profits.


From $50/HR

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Brand Yu Design creates amazing commercials and video segments for social media.